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Connection issue with GoCoder iOS sdk + Streaming cloud


I have an issue when trying to broadcast stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud from iOS device. I’m using GoCoder SDK for this.

I setup Cloud Stream instance to use other RTMP as video source encoder and authentication is enabled.

The workflow is following:

  1. I call Wowza Streaming Cloud API to start a stream, then setup GoCoder config with returned information.

  2. Check Cloud Stream status via API, and when stream is started, start broadcasting

And I receive a following error at this point

Error Domain=com.wowza.gocoder.sdk Code=14 "An error occurred when trying to connect to host: “” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=An error occurred when trying to connect to host: }

But if I do the same steps from above, but will wait for few more seconds before start broadcasting, everything works fine.

SDK version is 1.0.3

Platform info is Device Model = iPhone6,1 [iPhone 5s (GSM)], OS Version = Version 10.2.1 (Build 14D27)

Can you please give any advice what can cause a problem?

Best, Dima.

I have the same issue. Tell me please, if you find solution. Thank you.

I have the same issue.

Same issue here.

It sounds like the issue is in the DNS propagation for the hostAddress. You can try using the IP address instead of the host name and see if this resolves the issue for you.


@Michelle B How to get the IP address of the host? I am using Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API to create a stream and having the same issue as above

An alternative for you may be to use third-party libraries that provide reachability methods. You can then run this as an asynchronous timer task until it returns a valid response, and populate your WowzaConfig object. Note that Cloud instances that have just been created do take some time to startup/get an IP address. It’s best to have a pool of transcoders that have been pre-configured and ready to launch. This will reduce the possibility that the DNS hostname has not propagated yet.