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Consultant needed for large telco company: encoding and CDN


we are the biggest telco company focused on broadcasting in Czech Republic. We are looking for a consultant who will help up with initial assessment of possibilities in running CDN and encoding/transcoding (live&VOD) on a cloud infrastructure. Especially we would be interested in encoding based on Nvidia GRID or other virtual GPU solutions.

Please contact me on my email or phone (420 774 851 236)

Best Regards

I’ve done engineering work at the CDN level and can help with this project, both in regards to streaming and the underlying network engineering.

Ian Beyer


I’m a professional consultant with experience with different CDN technologies and providers, as well as several en-/transcoding services. Contact me by email or on Skype (ID: karelboek) to discuss the opportunity.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek


I was also building CDNs for VOD and live streaming able to work under high load. So may be useful to assist/consult with any specific/unusual needs.

Contact me here: rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com


We can provide you with the right architecture and design solution for encoding using Cloud platform. Please contact me over mail robert[at] or skype shijils



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