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Consultant needed, need to add a secondary audio track to Live Broadcast.

I need assistance with adding an alternative audio source to my Wowza live broadcast stream.

I will be recording a teacher at one of our schools. The recording will be a live broadcast and will be in english. However I would like to add an additional alternative audio option to this broadcast, for end users to choose from. In the same way you can choose video rate using an SMIL file.

I’ve read over the documentation on how to do this, but quiet honestly I just don’t have time and I will need this completed by March 20th.

This is my setup. Hardware/Software Wowza Streaming Engine ( Self Hosted )

“Main Wowza Application” will receive video and english audio content Via LIVE:AIR Action iPad app over RTMP.

The alternative audio can be sent back to Wowza streaming engine via several ways, whatever is easier.

  1. Wowza Gocoder , via iPod back to Wowza Streaming Engine.

  2. Live:Air Solo via iPod as an RTMP stream back Wowza Streaming Engine.

  3. a Secondary Live:Air Action iPad as an RTMP stream back Wowza Streaming Engine.

  4. Any other Apple IOS Device App you think is suitable.


Live broadcast embedded code is created using Wowza player, embedded code is added to out web site that is self hosted.

Please send me a quote with a final amount to complete this task.

I will accept several methods of delivery.

  1. A clear simple to use how to guide specified for my exact need.

  2. A Remote session where we work together write out the code / configuration.

  3. For security reasons I will NOT allow unsupervised connection to my server/computer.

ONLY Payment method will be Paypal.

Hello @Manuel Plascencia, please send me an e-mail (, and we can discuss the case.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek