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Consultant proficient in encode FFMPEG at 4k


We have a 4K stream that is giving us some grief. The issue is the Wowza server is having a hard time digesting the stream and eventually throws errors. Here are a couple of notes on the issue and things we’ll need from you as a consultant

  1. The process is generating a audio / video synching errors, that then cause the app to consume resources that eventually stop the process
  2. We have researched various arguments in the encoding but have not implemented them – so are looking for guidance on what arguments might help
  3. We will try a new server with better cpu, so we’re looking for input as to how/what this server should look like in the way of resources.
  4. If more cpu doesn’t help solve the issue, we will try using a machine with a gpu, but we’ll need to know what arguments to set in ffmpeg to leverage the GPU

Please don’t contact us unless you are an expert in encoding FFMPEG and have exprience in 4K. Also we’ll need to review your work as well as your resume/cv.