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Consultant wanted to build a IP security camera server.

I am looking for IP Security Camera monitoring server to be used primarily for our ISP customers.

Something like this

But I don’t want a subscription based cloud service or profit sharing. Basically I want to own the equipment and host locally. And branded as ours exclusively.

I can’t seem to get past all the cloud based providers in my searches to find someone that can make us a cloud based provider?

Our main problem is not having enough public IP address. What is the ideal way to have thousands of IP security devices with no public IP addresses with remote monitoring?

Hi Chad,

It is definitely possible to make you cloud based provider for cameras, however I need more technical details (they will also help to answer your question).

Please drop me an email at

About me: one of the oldest authorized independent Wowza consultants here

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We can show you a reference work which we have done for a client. He seems to be pretty happy with what we have developed.

Please contact me to discuss further about this.



My skype: shijils