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Consulting and implementation - Stream and playback on IOS/Android/browsers(Mac/PC)

We have a service that stores video clips and also streams live video from devices, e.g. cameras.

We are in a process of extending our solution to be supported by IOS and Android players in addition to the currently working web browser based solutions. We are also adding support to devices using various resolutions and quality of video support. We are currently using Wowza.

I am looking for a consultant that will shorten the process of

  1. Reviewing the possible protocols used, server solution and protocols used.

  2. Setting up a proof of concept

  3. Potential, full server side implementation and potential additional project opportunities

Beginning of work is immediate.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need clarification or have questions and send me some notes about the relevant experience and a quote.

Thank you,


Hi Ronny … I’ll be glad to discuss this opportunity with you. Please, contact me offline to to coordinate a chat



We are glad to help you. Please contact me via email to continue the discussion:

Best wishes,

Polina Sapunova

Fora Soft LLC