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Consume stream directly from the transcoder (HLS) : url not find


I try to have low latency with HLS in Wowza Cloud.

@Robert Vacante tell me The viewer can consume the stream directly from the transcoder.

I see this article :

I have create a transcoder, and through the API I try to get the direct plaback URL.

But the API don’t return HLS playblack, only RTMP, RTSP and WOWZ url.

I think I miss someting, can you help me?

I just create a transcoder from the wowza cloud interface with passthrough.

and I get the info with the API :

Hi @Jeremie PERERA, let me ask Robert to take a look. You just ran the curl commands from the article you referenced, that’s it right? No other special configurations?

I checked with the Cloud team and there is no way for us to know why you’re not getting an HLS url without reviewing your config and logs through a support ticket. Tech support does not debug code in the forums. They’ll be happy to help you in a ticket.

Hello,I ran the command through google app : Advanced REST Client to be exact.

The step i did :

  • Create transcoder through your website

  • Create HLS stream target

  • Attach stream target to my transcoder

-> I tested to create live stream also.

And same result when i ran the command to get HLS url to consume on transcoder

Ok thank you.

I will open a ticket with live stream example.

Thanks @Jeremie PERERA. I’m following the ticket and the internal conversation around that workflow and HLS. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.