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Control live-record by limiting duration of streaming video or limiting file size

I have an app that is recording (live-record) users webcam and saving the stream on the server. I would like to control this recording by limiting the duration of recording. For example - set the maximum duration to 1min - after that disconnect the stream and save the video. Or maybe limit the file size. For example disconnect the publishing client, which will stop the stream being recorded, once the file being written by that client’s stream reaches a set size lets say 5Mb.

Is that possible?

It is possible to limit the duration of a recording with a custom module—are you looking for a consultant to build such a module? Feel free to contact me through the contact page:



Robert Reinhardt

Streaming Media Magazine 2013 All-Star

HTTPLiveStreamRecord enables you to set file size and duration of recorded files, along with many other options:

How to record live streams (HTTPLiveStreamRecord)




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