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Converting media cache files


I have an application where I need to sometimes convert a media cached file into a permanent source file. I think there are two ways to do in

A) Query wowza to find out which time periods of a source are cached, and restream those cached portions of the source to a RTP-Live-Record session to get an mp4

B) Somehow read and convert the media cache file directly.

I would prefer to do option B however option A is ok too.

Are either these options possible?

For option A I would need to query wowza somehow to understand the current state of the cache - Can someone point me in the right direction here?

For option B I woul dneed to convert the media cache files to MP4s. I am comfortable doing that, but would need to knwo the basic format of the files first.

The reason for this need is that the transmission link between the source and cache server is cellular, and I would like to permanently save the video watched so that there isnt a need to duplicate transmission at a later date.