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Converting Wowza's FLV to MP4

I have a recording of a live broadcast generated by WMS. The broadcast used h.264/AAC.

I have been trying to convert the FLV to MP4 with FFmpeg, without any positive results. This is what I have tried:

ffmpeg -i stream.flv -vcodec copy -acodec copy out.mp4
ffmpeg -i stream.flv -vcodec copy video.ts
ffmpeg -i stream.flv -acodec copy audio.ts
ffmpeg -i video.ts -vcodec copy -i audio.ts -acodec copy out.mp4

Both attempts fail with errors.

Can somebody provide me with a command line for ffmpeg to convert the FLV to an MP4 without having to transcode the video again?

Alternatively, I would also consider any other Linux/Windows tools to perform the format conversion.

Thank you,



Take a look at these examples:


ffmpeg -i infile.flv -acodec copy -vcodec copy

There is a chance you might get a message about timecode issues. I have not found a way around this message.


Hello Richard,

Thank you for the link. The link you sent me is for instructions on how to setup an encoder for broadcasting. That’s not what I want to do.

I want to convert Wowza’s FLV file into an MP4.


Is it possible to do this without transcoding? It is a large file (2GB+) and transcoding will not only take a long time, it will also degrade the quality of the video.