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Cost of PAYG when trans mux from SRT - RTMP (3rd Party CDN)- for Townhall on Tuesday

Hi guys, I have a Townhall on Tuesday 7th April. Looking at utilising SRT- WOWZA CLOUD-Microsoft Stream CDN

My question. What cost will in incur by ingesting a SRT from my encoder and transcoding to Microsoft Stream CDN? Does each individual connection to the MICROSOFT STREAM cost us in WSC? Need to know as I have to present this concept to my teams. 3000 ± attendees and 720p 25fps 3500 kbs for 1 hour stream. Thanks in advance!

Streaming plans are not calculated in the forums, so you will need to email . A streaming expert will gather more information on your bandwidth requirements & guide you on your pricing options. Thank you.

No idea but guess, it will be somewhat around kmspico 500-1k$. Its just an assumption. Moreover, mail the official guys to know more!