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Create an Apple HLS Stream with different video formats and transcoded audio channels.

Hello Community!

We have a project with 16 different interpreters. A Video with 8 different audio channels (stereo) will be streamed to the Wowza Streaming Engine. The 8 different audio channels have 16 different audio mono channels. Each of this 16 audio mono channels are one language.

What I have done before:

1.) I have created 2 different applications (one for the left-channels and one for the right-channels).

2.) Then I have created 2 Transcoder Templates (one for the left-channels and one for the right-channels) and set the Fallback Template of each Transcoder in each application (left and right).

The templates are (for now) audio-only!

Important: I have used this community article:

3.) I also created similar stream-files to test it and it works perfectly. It splits each stereo channel (8), into 16 different channels.

Info: Each stream-file have the right audioPID configured (audioPIDs from 250 to 257 = 8 channels)

The source stream is a MPEG-Stream and we want to transcode this stream to a final Apple HLS Stream with 3 to 4 different video formats (720p, 360p etc.) and 16 different languages.

Now our question is how can we realize that?

Is it possible to combine the 16 transcoded audio-streams with the different video formats and make an Apple HLS Stream out of it?

My approach is to create a SMIL or Startup-File. Have you any advice for me?

Can somebody help me?

Thanks a lot