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Custom EC2 AMI

I would like to start with the Wowza EC2 AMI, make some changes to the instance, then build a new AMI with my changes to the instance so that I can start new instances with my changes/updates already in place (scripts and applications installed + security configuration to the Operating System).

Q: Will this break the Wowza configutation in any way?



The instructions are as follows:

  • Build an Amazon AMI using the tools provided by Amazon.

  • Install the Sun Java JDK version 6 update 13 (or more recent version if available) and the most recent version of Wowza Pro 1.7.0 (I would also suggest you install the most recent patch from here

  • Tune the server following the instructions here

  • Replace the Pro10 license at /usr/local/WowzaMediaServerPro/conf/Server.license with this license:

    -----BEGIN LICENSE-----





    -----END LICENSE-----

  • Save all of this as an Amazon AMI and register it using the ec2-register command

  • Attach our DevPay ID to the AMI using the command:

    ec2-modify-image-attribute [AMI-ID] --product-code 8ED157F9

    where [AMI-ID] is the id of the new Amazon AMI returned by the ec2-register command.



I have read of Wowza being installed on EC2 connecting to S3. Is it possible to Install Wowza on local system and then connect to S3


Ranganath S

Yes, then you really only need to do step #6 since the license key and Wowza Pro software are already there.



If it is just Wowza configurations that you are trying to preserve, using a “start-up package” might be the way to go. Take a look at the Wowza EC2 Guide. You can mix these startup packages and add your own scripting, install jar files, etc. You do your work in the package, zip it up, and startup an instance with it.



Yes, you can do it. As long as there is internet access from the computer you install Wowza.



Your instructions address creating an AMI from scratch. Is it also possible to create another AMI from the already-configured WOWZA instance?