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Custom MPD redirect

Already posted as comment on the MPEG-DASH page. No feedback so trying here:

Is it possible, or can it be made possible, to force the Wowza IP address (instead of domain) in the mpd manifest Location?

Our problem:

Clients are directed to the liverepeater-edge server pool through DNS round robin. The client’s live stream freezes, when a browser tries to access a different edge after a DNS refresh.

Player sends initial request to server A and receives a mpd with Location

Minutes later the browser resolves DNS for again, and lands on a different server, where the session does not exist, and stream stops

I guess this would be solved if the mpd Location response contained an IP address instead of domain.


You can set the domain name (or ip address) to use in the Location header by setting the following property

Path: /Root/Application/HTTPStreamer/Properties

Name: mpegdashPlaylistHostDomain


Type: String

This should fix the location header however, it may also need a BaseURL tag that isn’t currently supported. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are looking into it.