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custom publisher authentication


We have a requirement for our publishers that in addition to the usual username and password, they have a unique ID. For a given organization, all publishers use the same username and password but they append their id as a parameter to the url (e.g. rtmp://user:password@<wowza_ip>/stream_name?id=XXX

To validate this we have to get the username, password and id from the url and pass it to a REST like backend that does the validation. This means that Wowza is not doing any checking of username and password and the username, password and id are not stored in files on Wowza server.

We might be able to get away with wowza validating the username/password but we have to be able to retrieve the id from the url param.

Is there any module, or api I can use to get the param from the incoming url so I can pass it to our backend for validation?