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Custom stream target

I thought a custom stream target would work so that you could push the HLS or HDS to another location. This does not seem to be the case as I have to enter a rtmp URL.

I was hoping to send m3u8 files to Amazon S3


Wowza is currently able to push an Apple HLS or Adobe HDS stream to Akamai only.

If you want to use Amazon to deliver the Apple HLS and Adobe HDS streams originating from your Wowza server, you could integrate Wowza with the Cloudfront Amazon distribution system. Please take a look at these forum articles describing how to do that: CLOUDFRONT INTEGRATION



At this time, Custom Stream Targets can only be configured using RTMP protocol. In Wowza Streaming Cloud, we provide you the url to use HLS or HDS for your custom player, but not as a Custom Stream Target. For this sort of workflow requirement, you may want to consider using the Wowza Streaming Engine Pay-as-you-go Monthly option.