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Customizing the streaming server in terms of algorithms and core functionality.


I have a questions in regards of how far you can customize the following: Video streaming algorithm/mechanism/system (The way Wowza delivers video frames through the network, the core). For example i want to load my own algorithm for delivering streaming.

I know that is not recommended and it would be silly because of all the money and resources u guys have put on the streaming engine. At some level this mechanism can be a black box for copyright purposes. But for example i want to run a black box test and benchmark the Wowza mechanism with another one without knowing exactly what it does. Only compare results.

It would be nice if you have a guide or some more elaborated and guided info. not just and answer on how to do this.

Best regards.


I’m glad you’ve taken interest in exploring the functional possibilities provided by Wowza. Please feel free to take a look at our extensive API (also provided in your install under documentation) and our large assortment of examples and our Module Collection.