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Decoding RTSP/RTP Stream Using Teradek T-RAX

Hi, I need to decode feed from Wowza steaming engine using Teradek T-RAX decoder cards. Is it possible?


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community!

Can you explain your workflow and specific needs? We can then recommend something for you.

By decode, you need Wowza to output a RTSP stream and then have a Teradek ingest this stream? If so, confirm the device doing the decoding can support the protocol it is ingesting and you should be good to go.

You may not need the Teredek, depending on your workflow. Wowza may be able to do everything you need.



Hi Jermaine,

yes you are right. I need Wowza to output a RTSP stream and then use Teradek T-Rax decoder to decode the RTSP stream (this decoder’s SDI out is connected a router). Tedadek confirmed that it can decode the RTSP. I have tried with RTP setup in WOWZA, but Teradek could not decode it.

Another option is mpeg TS and Teradek can decode it but jittery.

Would you have any suggestion how to configure the Wowza, so teradek can decode the RTSP stream from wowza? or by using Mpeg TS?