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Default port setting


I am wondering if I can use port 80 instead of using 1935, as 1935 might be blocked by firewall and how can i configure port 80 to be the default port?

Modify /conf/VHost.xml /HostPort /Port “1935”. Change to “1935,80” or just “80”

But for RTMP you will have to add port 80 explicitly to connect, because 1935 is default port:



The UDP range 6970 - 9999 is for RTP streaming.


It is a known issue, not sure if is resolved. Take a look at this discussion:

Make sure you have the latest patch:


Yes, I think so. I’m not sure if there is a solution. I assume you have the latest build?


Yes, change /conf/Server.xml /RTP /DatagramStartingPort


Thank you Richard, I’ll try it out.

Hi Richard,

I’ve tried it, but not working.

I assume the reason is my apache web server uses the port 80,

Is there any way to work around or I have to use other port (like 443)

by the way, Wowza uses TCP right, if it does, can we change it to UDP?

I see Wowza uses TCP1935 to transmit media data, right?

What about the UDP ports UDP 6970-9999. Are those ports used for transmitting media data?


The UDP range 6970 - 9999 is for RTP streaming.


When I request a live video by rtsp://my_wowza_srv:1935/rtplive/demoTVShows.sdp, I capture the packets with Wireshark and see the media data is sent to VLC via TCP port 1935. It’s not transmitted via UDP.

In the beginning, the UDP port 6980 and 6983 are used to talk with VLC but unreachable. So maybe it automatically rolls over to TCP transport?

The reason I raise this question is that I find my Blackberry Bold 9000 can’t play back the RTSP video mentioned above via Rogers 3G network, but works fine with WiFi. This may be because of the 3G network closes some ports, right?

Thanks Richard,

I think this is because the VLC negotiates with Wowza to use TCP, the so called RTSP/RTP interleaved, mode. They negotiate the UDP in the first place and fail, then they choose the TCP way.

But the BB can not negotiate to TCP mode so streaming to BB is always UDP, which is a problem in some 3G networks.

Am I right?

Hi Richard,

I think I’m right. I tried another player with the same URL and Wowza sent media data via UDP instead of TCP this time. This means choosing UDP or TCP depends on the player’s ability by negotiation.

And can I change the UDP ports Wowsa uses to send media data? For example, I want to change 6970…9999 to 10500…11500? Is this possible? Thanks.

Hey Jeff
Could you find out how to chnage the udp port range from 6970-9999 to sth else?
could you pls let me konw as well.

thank you