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Deliver LL-HLS live stream with Fastly from S3

I’ve noticed this article for configuring S3 as a storage for HLS live stream using Fastly CDN: wowza. com/docs/send-apple-hls-and-mpeg-dash-content-to-amazon-s3-using-wowza-streaming-engine

I was wondering, can this be configured for a LL-HLS live stream as well? I’m asking because the LL-HLS specs contain EXT-X-PRELOAD-HINT in playlist which is a part of a segment that is being generated, which means it won’t exist on S3 when the client requests it. How does Fastly block that request until the part is finished and uploaded to S3 by the Wowza Streaming Engine?

Or does LL-HLS lives streams work only with Wowza Streaming Engine as an HTTP caching origin instead of S3?