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Detect packets loss/net stuttering in module/httpprovider

Hello and good time of day.

Is there any way to determine live stream stats that can be used to measure channel quality?

We need to make sure that hls stream was not corrupted by wireless mobile transmitting during live translation, and than if some chunks was dropped, we need to re-request than.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


This type of statistic is really only shown in the access logs located in [install-path]/logs/.

We now integrate with Google Analytics, which provides a very comprehensive stats reporting platform. You would need to install our ModuleAnalytics module and have a valid Google account. The following article explains how to set this up.

There are other third-party reporting tools that can parse our logs. Examples include,





Note that we log using the standard log4j format, so there may be other reporting tools that can parse our access logs to retrieve this information. Details about log4j fields can be found in our Users Guide.



Real-time statistics of things such as things like packetloss/connection issues is not readily available. I would suggest that our ModuleAnalytics module (i.e. using Google Analytics) would be a good start, and the module includes code that you are free to tweak to capture certain events.


Thanks i try.

Sorry for the delay, did not receive e-mail notification.

So, there no way to get log info to the HttpProvider / module ?