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Difference betwen Production and Development settings


I would like to know if there is a difference betwen Production and Development settingson a dedicated server, when using Wowza for RTMP video streaming and the transcoder option.

And a separate question: if a client is streaming at 320p and has the transcoder set at 720p, does that mean that the transcoder is upscaling the video?

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  1. The main difference is the Java Heap size; that is set to a rather small number in Development mode and in larger number (up to 10G) in Prod mode. You should always make sure that the Java Heap size isn’t set beyond what the server can handle, taking into consideration any other processes that are running on that server and may use considerable memory. It’s recommended to use a dedicated server for Wowza, and to set the server to Prod mode once you use it in Prod.

  2. If the incoming stream is 320p and you try to transcode to 720p, then yes that will be upscaling. The numbers “320” and “720” represent the number of vertical lines in the picture; e.g. 720p stands for a picture size of (WxH) 1280 x 720 in landscape mode. As you can imagine, upscaling has a negative impact on the picture quality.

Thank you for your fast reply. If I have other questions related to Wowza settings and usage, is it OK to post them here?