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Disable Incomming streams


I’m developing a Streaming application. We have a requirements that we need to allow administrator to be able to disable an In-comming live stream and block the user from keep on Streaming. I know we can use the rest endpoint to delete his or her user name and password. And there is a method call stopMediacasterStream but it didn’t work as expected. I also try different API like get the Stream and call stopPublishing on the IMediaStream, but it also not working. Could you please help me find the correct API that I need to use. Or is there an API that can support my need ?


Tai Khuu

Hi Tai

What type of encoder are you using? There are different methods to shut down a publisher depending on the type of incoming stream. For example, if you are using an RTMP publisher to push the stream to your Wowza server similar to GoCoder or Wirecast, you can use the setShutdownClient() method for the IClient method. Use of this method is illustrated in the ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth.