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We have developed and are supporting a content website for a client, with streams coming from a standalone Wowza 4.0.3 streaming server installation on Windows. The site is operational since apprx. August 2014. The web application is developed on dotnet by us. Non paying visitors can watch 3 minute clips of content. Paying members have access to whole videos. (Clips and content are different video files) Currently we can support iOS, but had limited success with Android.

We have 3 different tasks on hand we would like to get help with, if we can stay in the budget. If not, the tasks are ordered from most important to less. Separate quotes are welcome, but would prefer to have them complete with same consultant though.

Task1 : A member of website should be able to watch only 1 “full content” stream at a time. Once the member starts a second video, first one should stop / expire for that member. There should be no such limit for visitors, obviously.

Task 2 : Currently we do log starts of the videos only on MS SQL database, regardless of how many seconds the member has watched or has not watched. We would like to log every “n” seconds of watched video time instead.

Task 3 : Can anyone suggest a successful setup for the site to work with Android also? Please keep in mind, the content needs to be member accessed only.

We can provide with necessary webservices, connections, functions, etc on the MS SQL / application side. We do need the development on Wowza.

We would like to receive all working running code in the end. If the solutions involve a 3rd party component, we would like the price to include the price of the component, as well as the name of the component.

Thank you all for the feedback in advance,


Istanbul, Turkey

Hi Burak,

I’m Roman, authorized Wowza consultant and can handle your tasks (I was developing similar solutions before).

It is ok for me to give you module code and I think no additional 3rd party components are needed.

Feel free to contact me at or skype (rshmelev)

Hello Burak,

I’ll be happy to discuss this with you. I can help you with all 3 tasks, so that you will only deal with one consultant. Besides having thorough knowledge of, and experience with Wowza, I’ve also 15+ years of experience with .NET and MSSQL, so that I will be able to understand both sides of the communication lines. Along with the implementation, you’ll get the source code. At this moment, I don’t see the need for any 3rd party components.

You may contact me by email, or directly via Skype (ID: karelboek)

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek