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DLink DCS-6113 and Wowza


I’m testing ip camera DLink DCS-6113( and Wowza.

When I’m start Wowza, picture from DLink DCS-6113 excellent work with flash player. Picture and sound is appear immediately.

After some time, ~30min, picture on flash player is appear not immediately, after some seconds ~3sec. Sound is appear immediately.

After ~2hours picture is appear after 5-7sec. Sound is appear immediately.

After ~5hours picture don’t appear. Sound is appear immediately.

If I’m restart wowza, Picture begin to work. And so on…

I’m use Wowza Media Server 3 Developer Edition (Expires: Aug 06, 2012) 3.0.5 build1220 and DLink DCS-6113 (firmware version v1.10 ).

Wowza Media Server 3 is compatibility with D-Link ip camera?

Are you describing a problem with audio/video sync? If so, this is a problem with the encoder, though Flash is often able to adjust whereas iOS clients aren’t. So I’m not sure what you are describing. Is it a/v sync? Is there a more recent firmware update for that device?

Take a look at this debug property which will show if audio and video are in sync or not:


Try to contact support for this camera. You can show them the debug output. They might have an update already.


Thank You, You are right!

It is a problem with audio/video sync.

[difference] numbers for DLink DCS-6113 is 0,1,2,3,4…

Now I’m disable audio on DCS-6113, and flash player excellent work.

But how to solve problem with audio/video sync?

I’m use latest firmware on D-Link DCS-6113.

It may be hardware or firmware issue with D-Link DCS-6113?

I’m done such test:

Get stream from camera with VLC player:

cvlc -vvv rtsp://IP:554/live.sdp --sout ‘#rtp{dst=,mux=ts,port=7000}’

Get stream from VLC with Wowza:


Now, flash player work with video and audio.

So, there are more variants for resolving the problem:

  1. fix hardware issue with D-Link DCS-6113

  2. fix firmware issue with D-Link DCS-6113

  3. add to Wowza capability to solve problem with audio/video sync, as it do VLC.