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Do Transcoded Streams Have a Different Client

In a previous discussion I am advised about storing data on the client object: Storing data for later retrieval

I am using the data on client within the onWriteComplete() handler, but have discovered this data is null when the onWriteComplete() is called for the transcoded file move. For transcoded streamed events the onWriteComplete() is called twice, once for the original rtmp stream and once for the transcoded stream.

Please could someone advise if the clients are indeed different between the stream created by a NetConnection and the transcoded stream which would explain why properties I am setting on the client are not reliable.

If I am correct then where or which object could I store data which will be available onWriteComplete for all streams e.g. transcoded also?


The transcoded streams do not have a client object. You didn’t mention in your other thread about transcoded streams so I didn’t mention it.

The transcoded streams are only related to the original stream by the names.

What I would suggest is that when you grab the original data is to store that in a map or custom class in the module so it can be accessed later.

onWriteComplete should only be called once for each process that is recording the stream. If there are multiple recorders recording a stream then it will be called for each one.