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Docker config for IPWhiteList

I’d like to run Wowza in a docker container as part of a Compose project.
I need to open access to Wowza’s REST API from another container in the project, which is running a Nodejs app.
As far as I know that access is controlled solely by RESTInterface/IPWhiteList in Server.xml, but I don’t know the IP of my node container beforehand.

So it seems that I would need to start up my docker compose project, check the ip of the node app, then stop the project, edit Server.xml to add the ip, then start the project back up again.
…kind of a pain to do this for every installation, and there’s no guarantee that next time it starts up, each container gets assigned the same IP (I actually just tried stopping/starting and the node app came up with different IPs each time)

So, that’s not gonna work…is there a better, more Docker-friendly way to configure REST API access to Wowza in a Docker container?


I thought maybe I could just whitelist 192.168.*.*, but even that appears to vary.
Docker on my test server assigns the containers 192.168.x.x, but on my dev system they come up as 172.31.x.x

So it seems like the only way to configure it is by manually editing the conf file after the containers have started up (and potentially every time I restart the containers?)

There’s gotta be a better way…