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Does anyone have experience live streaming with the Giroptic 360cam to the Wowza Streaming Cloud?

I am trying to do it as an RTSP pull stream using the following:


I am not able to get the stream to signal as active. I am able pull the camera feed up in VLC no problem. Perhaps someone can help explain the above URL to me? (my local IP and 8557 etc)

Anything helps, thanks!

Hello @Matt Robertson,

I sent you a response to your ticket (243543) that was submitted on this question yesterday afternoon.

The only way Wowza Cloud can pull the stream from your camera on a private network/LAN is if you enable the port forwarding on your router to let the request through your firewall/router and directly to the camera for the defined port you have (8557 in this case).

I will respond back to the ticket again and we can continue this dialogue and get you up and running.

Please look for an email from me.

Mac Hill
Wowza Support