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Does ID3V2FrameTextInformationUserDefined based API append ID3 header to the frame?


By following useful documentation:,we had implemented plugins for appending ID3 tags into live HLS stream.

With separate application,i am sending message to be displayed as an overlay on live HLS stream via http POST.That will reach the HTTP server and gets converted into ID3 tag

Now comes the scenario,

I am trying to implement FFMPEG based ID3 decoder by which i can read the incoming ID3 type of data(that i passed already to wowza based HLS stream) & start parsing it.Where i am seeing data something like

But ID3 tag will have header of 10 bytes followed by frame data(frameID,size,flags) which is missing here.Without ID3 header it is difficult to get tag size & version info etc.For an Eg:here i might end in parsing all unnecessary data which are in dots.

Question :By implentation does ID3V2FrameTextInformationUserDefined append header to the tag or we need to append it by adding code something like:

ID3Frames id3Frames = liveStreamPacketizer.getID3FramesHeader();

Let me know what we are missing here ,our primary need is ID3 header to come in data we get.

Thanks in advance,