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Does 'No Preview' Simulcast Charge for Encoder Time?

If I turn on a Simulcast with no preview enabled, does it charge for encoder time before the broadcast goes live?

Hello Chad,

Yes, there is a charge for “Idle” processing time when the Simulcast target has been started.

The cost is dependent on the Wowza Streaming Cloud plan you sign up for but here is an example of the pricing:

The price per hour cost starts when the Simulcast target is started.

The other element to take note of is that there is a default “Idle Timeout” on Wowza Streaming Cloud of 20 minutes. This means that if no signal has been received from your ClearCaster by Wowza Streaming Cloud within 20 minutes it will shutdown the SImulcast target.

We advise against removing this timeout and adjusting this could add to your monthly costs so make the proper consideration before adjusting the timeout.

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions on this subject matter.

Jason Hatchett

Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza Media Systems