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Does Streaming Engine require the control attribute in SDP to have a certain format?

I’m pushing video to a Streaming Engine and passing the SDP to the Streaming Engine via the RTSP ANNOUNCE. The server that is delivering the video provides an SDP with a session level control of

a=control:rtsp:// and media the media level control is


Based on my limited understanding of SDP, I think the RFC indicates this is okay. However, the Streaming Engine reports “RTSPCore.setup: track missing: 480p”.

If I replace the control attributes with the following, it works fine:



I’ve tried different variations, but the above seems to be the only thing that works. Is this a required format of the SDP for the Streaming Engine?

Hi @David Messer, it looks more like the transport is not specified, so when using * Wowza Streaming Engine defaults the format so it works - but when you set the URI we don’t default it - so it doesn’t work - we would need to see the full SDP to be sure. Can you send us a support ticket so we can take a closer look and test this? Thanks.