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Does the standard Transcoder meet my requirements?

I’m running a live video server, there are 2 requirements I’m dealing with:

  1. The input video source is encode with H.264, I want to publish it in H.263. So the FLASH video playback can use the api like buffertime, bufferlength, etc.

  2. The input video source’s resolution is 800600 or higher, I want to publish it in 400300 or lower.

My plan is to solve all above 2 requirements by the standard Wowza Transcoder.

Before I buy a Transcoder license I want to confirm that whether the standard Transcoder can meets the requirements without any further coding job.

Thank you.

Hi tiger.tian

Are you looking for a consultant who can set up the Transcoder AddOn for you, or do you just need some information? This forum is for hiring consultants; so if you just have a questions I suggest you post your question in

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek