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does Wowza block thew Teradek Bond or Sputnik

I have had a Teradek Bond/Sputnik/Cube setup for 2 years, but have never gotten it to work consistently. Recently I had to upgrade and now the Bond does not communicate with Wowza at all. The Cube can connect standalone.

Teradek tells me its Wowza blocking it from communicating.

I have never configured Wowza for Teradek - is it set to automatically block?

I figured now that Wowza has a relationship with Teradek that you might know.


Can you outline your Teradek config with regards to Wowza? When it didn’t work previously what was logged to show that, and now since you’ve upgraded what is logged now - both with Teradek as well as with Wowza if logs are relevant.


Hi Paul -

I don’t understand your questions. Do you need a Teradek diagnostic file to review, or a Wowza error log?

The reason I know it didn’t work was because it would never connect to run a stream. The only time it worked was when the Cube was connected to a hardwired connection. We think the Bond is faulty, but Teradek says Wowza is the issue.

I’m happy to provide what you need, but a detailed explanation of what I need to provide would be most helpful.

Thanks, Kelly

Hi Kelly,

It may be worth zipping up your conf/ and logs/ directories on the Wowza server and raising a ticket by mailing We can take a more detailed look at the problem. Please also include a link to this thread for reference.


We have 2x Teradek Cubes and 2x Teradek T-RAX units, each almost fully populated and none have had an issue connecting to Wowza Streaming Engine 4.6+. It seems a less fussy acceptor of RTMP unlike, say, Akamai.

It’s worth playing with some of the basic setup parameters to see if they are the culprit (e.g. User Agent), but make sure you do it methodically and write down/screenshot each time.

One thing worth remembering is that, IME anyway, Wowza is VERY strict about casing (e.g. upper/lower case) in URLs. So if you call you application ‘LiveApp1’ you MUST use ‘LiveApp1’ in the URL, NOT ‘liveApp1’.

It’s worth updating your Teradek firmware as well if your environment allows for this.