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Does wowza origin and dynamic load balancer support WEBRTC


I am currently planning out a streaming platform and want to know if Origin and Dynamic load Balancing will work with WebRTC. I’ve looked through the some thread and cannot find anything to confirm or deny if it will work. Wanted to know before i start moving forward.



Hi Micheal, I joined the latest webrtc webinar and asking this kind of question. How can I scale the webrtc stream ? is there any cluster like support etc ? the answer is : “you should develop this”. I’m gonna develop this kind of gateway signaller on nodejs. The purpose is all the client connect my gateway signaller, my gateway signaller decide to publish stream to the active server and save this info to db, if scale needed, then my gateway scale this stream to another server.

Note that in webinar they told "wowza can handle max 750 stream in single instance, this mean not 750 different stream, for instance 25 active stream , each one watched by 30 person, then in wowza side 25*30 =750 stream generated ( as you know webrtc logic is different from traditional unicast stream , for every watcher the stream encrypted, by the way for everyone new stream generated )