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DoS Attack (UDP Flood)

Hi, I’m experiencing a problem.

Streaming is not always available. It 10 minutes works, and 10 minutes not. I suspected the network card since it has a known problem with the version of Ubuntu that I use. So I changed the network card but the problem remained. Only after that I found in the router log files records of DoS attacks. Router recognizes the problems, but it not stopping them. Should I solve the problem on the router or the Wowza server? I have read a dozen of posts on the forum but I have not found similar problems. I do not know anything about security and none of my colleagues know about DoS attacks and how to solve them.

Firewall [ICMP]: Drop Incoming>212.x.x.x

DOS [UDP]: Attack Incoming>212.x.x.x [UDP Flood]

and before I had and this one:

DOS [UDP]: Attack Incoming>212.x.x.x [UDP Echo Chargen]

This article shows how to blacklist IP addresses:

How to blacklist by IP

You may also want to research securing your router.