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DVR & Closed Caption

WSE, live streaming, plus real-time Closed Caption - it works, we know it.
DVR - it works we know that.

Is it possible to run live stream + Closed Caption … simultaneously with DVR (from DVR)?
Will these Closed Caption work, work properly?
Has anyone done something like this?
Any problems?

As I remember DVR supports only HLS v3 version. (Alternative audio and webVTT are not supported).
I have not tested EIA-608 with DVR.

That’s what I think, too.
But he who asks does not wander.

Its been a few years but DVR streaming HLS should work with whatever captions you want.

DVR stores the incoming caption types (onTextData or CEA608) and then should convert those to the desired outbound caption type.

Thank you very much.
I’ll ask, by the way - did you receive our email regarding the Realtime Captioning Module?

I received an email about that topic but not from stream360. I’m at or


I have now sent (again), to both addresses. (Realtime Captioning Module2) -from