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DVR playback with HLS and VideoJS

I am live streaming HLS and viewing it with VideoJS. I added the nDVR addon and changed the file to m3u8?DVR but when I view the video it does not give me controls to go back, it only says live next to the play button.

If I use the engine manager and view the stream with the test players for HLS it doesn’t work either, but if I view it with the HDS test player I can go back for the specified duration.

Any ideas on how to get this working with videoJS or another HTML5 media player? I know that jw player say that they can do this but I am currently trying to do everything with a free html 5 player.



Hi Simon,

I was able to get this to work with all 3 players.

With the HLS sample player I was able to pause, seek and use the “back 30 seconds” button.

The HDS sample player I was able to pause and seek

And with Video.js, I was also able to pause and seek.

Here is what I have in the video.js demo.html file:

<source src="http://[ip-address]:1935/[app-name]/[stream-name]/playlist.m3u8?DVR" type='video/mp4' />

Can you please provide more information on the issues you are having, or what you are expecting to see in these players as far as “controls”

Thank you,