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dynamic playlist

i have a situation , need your advice

I need to stream 3 filesin successive when a user tries to play

((( this is for Cupertino VOd streaming ))))

the files are




these files , i need to stream back in successive to the user when he/she writes the url as shown above.

can you show me how to write a server side module to do that.

my best regards

There is currently not a way to do this to the iPhone. We can do this type of playlist streaming to Flash but not to the iPhone.


We just don’t have a way to do it. You will need to use a video editor tools to combine the individual files into a single file.


You can do a server-side playlist using the Stream class. See this post:


The Stream class you are proposing to use creates a live stream, not a vod stream. I think the only way this might work is if you use a HTTProvider to prepare it first, then quickly play it.

So the player would have to call an HTTProvider something like:


Where prepStream refers to an HTTProvider that you create, and have loaded in VHost.xml /HTTProviders list, which creates the Stream class stream.

Then, immediately following that, you play this live stream:



Because it is a live stream.


I understand, but it’s not supported at present in Wowza.


You tried that already, right? It works, but it is a live stream. It’s not substitute for video on demand.


Thank you charlie.

But if a need to do same thing for iPhone , could you advice any way,please.

what is the technical reason that you do not implement it to iPhone.

Actually , i did cobine them before sending. I was searching for a server side like solution. any way many thanks , charlie. but i still need the following

if the user tires to write


wowza plays test.f4v.

I want to cancel playing test.f4v and instead send the combined file based on the paparamter 0907100930_30.

How can I create dynamic playlist (like Composite Manifest Structure .csm) for Silverlight ?

Thank you.

I have experience on FMS and now my company want go to Silverlight+Smooth streaming server

I have tested WOWZA and I see we can work with it

But I can’t resolve the last issue.

for example FMS:

application.onConnect = function(user)


Client.prototype.songPlay = function(songsNow)


this.songStream = Stream.get(“songs”);

if (this.songStream)

{“mp4:Flash”, 0);“mp4:Take5”, 0, -1, false);“mp4:PrideofMan”, 0, -1, false);



Client.prototype.stopPlay = function(songsNow)




and after that I can play rtmp:\SERVER:port\fms_app\songs

I see I can write same code for WOWZA

but I don’t understand How to do it for Silverlight Smooth Streaming because:

I can’t call “songPlay” (“songPlay”,…)) from Silverlight

and I don’t know where I can create Stream

Stream stream = Stream.createInstance(vhost, app.getName(), streamName);“mp4:Flash”, 0);“mp4:Take5”, 0, -1, false);“mp4:PrideofMan”, 0, -1, false);

and how can I play it from Silverlight player (http://localhost:1935/app/songs.mp4/Manifest ???)

But if I can do the query - http://localhost:1935/app/FileA_FileB_FileC.mp4/Manifest

and on the fly create stream

public void onStreamCreate(IMediaStream stream)


Stream stream = Stream.createInstance(vhost, app.getName(), streamName);“mp4:FileA”, 0);“mp4:FileB”, 0, -1, false);“mp4:FileC”, 0, -1, false);


and Smooth Streaming PLayer will play it I think it will resolve my problem.

Sorry for my bad English.

but in this case I haven’t FastForward FastBackward Seek and Slow Motion

my task play playlist like ordinary file (like .csm file on IIS7+Smooth Streaming )

ok. We haven’t support for .CSM but can we do so:

public void onAppStart(IApplicationInstance appInstance) {

Stream stream=Stream.createInstance(appInstance, “myStream”);“test.mp4”, 0, -1, true);“test2.mp4”, 0, -1, false);


and from Silverlight player :


Yes I did. It’s working but I can’t get what I need.

Thank you for your help.