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Dynamic VOD SMIL's with IMediaListProvider


We would like a VOD application to fetch a SMIL XML from a fixed URL on our webserver.

For example, a request to play a HLS ABR stream (http://wowzaserver/vod/abr.smil/playlist.m3u8) requires the presence of the abr.smil file in the content folder. By using the amlst prefix and an own IMediaListProvider, we’d like to fetch a dynamic SMIL XML structure from a script on our webserver. See

The custom IMediaListProvider only needs to call an URL and pass the requested smil file name and all parameters behind ‘playlist.m3u8’. The script returns the exact SMIL XML to the IMediaListProvider which passes the medialist to the application. So the IMediaListProvider is just a means to get a particular SMIL from the webserver.

We will make the server-side script that creates the SMIL ourselves, but we are looking for a developer that can create the IMediaListProvider.

We need the solution early next week.


Hi! I have quite a lot of experience with amlst dynamic playlist generation so can help you with module development.

Early next week is ok.

You can contact me:


Please contact me to discuss this. There may be easier ways to do this than using an IMediaListProvider, but it depends on specific requirement.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek



If the job is still open, can we have a discussion.