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EC2 and CDN Questions, Using cloudbased Wowza VOD content

Hi there,

After looking at several CDN netoworks and chatting with folks at cdn companies, I still didn’t really get how to use Wowza+VOD - cloudbased.

I guess my question is simply if there is any solution to have the VOD content cached to certain edges, so i.e. somebody from Japan will receive the VOD file at the same speed as somebody from L.A.

Now this was my mindflow when I tried to use Ec2:

I set up an amazom ec2 wowza server. Everythings seemed to work just fine. Then I realized the Wowza Server is actually located in a specific region (i.e. EU-West-1). Hence my thinking was: “OK, this is not cloudbased, every user ends up at this location and that’s where Wowza get’s it’s VOD file from”. Fair enough. Well, after that, I found out that you can use Wowza with S3 (vods3), so I was thinking: “OK cool, I can publish my content on S3, move that to cloudfront and access it with my Wowza Server”. Well, as far as I know, cloudfront only supports rmtp, no mp4 cupertino streaming, which destroyed my html5/iphone wishes. Also if my Wowza Server is pulling the file from S3, the Wowza Server pulls it, so it certainly always will be from the nearest edge - closest to the Wowza Server? Am I thinking wrong?

I think my question is actually: Is there any solution to host VOD content in the cloud (at S3, edgecast or whatever) and to have it available world-wide at certain cloud edges using a Wowza server? Or do I have to have different wowza servers and use load balacing?

Maybe my question seems a little strange, but I just did’t get it.

Many thanks,



Use a CDN. Not sure what the confusion is about using their service after talking to them. Content distribution is what they provide. They have their own storage.

Or take a look at GeoIP:

So you can connect to the nearest ec2 server.


Take a look at the CDNs on the Wowza Partner page: