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ec2- loadbalancer - how to check ports are open for 1934

I have setup a load balancer on our windows server and it works fine.

Using that as a base I am now trying to make a load balancer on ec2 building a start-up script and assigning that server an ip address so all the edge servers can see it and the player can request the least loaded server to stream from.

I have checked through my vhosts.xml and sever.xml files and it is configured as per the doc from what i can tell and also compared against the working windows server working system.

all it ever returns is server=0 - I have checked through the logs and nothing indicates that its not connecting on port 1934 or is . The EC2 security groups are set for tcp and udp 1934 0.0.0./0 so anything from anywhere can get to those 2 ports , what I can’t check is if port 1934 is responding or why I just get server=0

I can run (and have done) my system as:-

local server - origin , load balancer listener

ec2 edge origin - no load balancer listener - origin local server.

ec2 edge server using edge origin as their origin (take the pressure of our own server) load balancer sender.

just can’t add in a EC2 load balancer on a separate instance.

Any thought appreciated.



On EC2 as long as the Security Group that each server is using allows UDP 1934 it will work. Has to be UDP.

The way to check status of a cluster is:


“server=0” is output of http://[wowza-address]:8086/connectioninfo, which is per server. If you are checking the Load Balancer Listener, server=0 might be right, if it is a dedicated Load Balancer listener, there is no client connections.