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Edge - Origin setup - stream is not running on Edge server until first request

I have setup live-origin repeater and it seem to have an initial 504 status error “waiting for stream” when first user hits the stream. After the first user initiates edge-origin connection it is all fine.

What are the suggestions to remedy this?

When Edge Application is restarted or whenever no requests hit Edge server, there is no incoming streams on Edge Application. First view on the web player results in no video feed, requiring to refresh the page.

Is that some setting on the servers or on the player?

Thank you!

What protocol are you using? The edge server is responsible for creating the chunks that are sent to the player and it always averages about 10 seconds for the first one.

Are you using a stream target? You didn’t specify and we’d need more details on your use case in a ticket.

The stream has to be already running and present on the server for the Stream Targets to work.
The problem with an edge application in this respect is that it will only pull the stream from the Origin
when requested for playback, so the live stream is pulled on demand from the origin.

If you wanted Stream Targets to be pushed from an edge type of server, that server would need to
be configured so that the streams are pulled from the origin constantly. You can do this by setting up the streams
as stream files on the edge, so that they contain the origin URL and stream name.

Please submit a support ticket so we can review your config and help you get this set up the way you desire. Thanks!