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Eliminate specific application from being logged into the access log

Hello everyone!

Currently we have log4j2-config.xml configured to log all activity into one global access log. How can we change that so we can have applicationA and applicationB still be logged in this global log but applicationC be totally ignored. ApplicationC creates WAY too many log entries.

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I would like to let you know that there is no specific log4j2 configuration example we have for eliminating a particular application from logging. You can review the Log4j2 documentations to see if you have an option for it.

If you need to figure-out what cause to print more logs from a particular application, You can create a support ticket and share your Conf and logs folder along with the application name. Our support team can review your logs and get back to you with their suggestions/recommendations.

Do follow the link below to create the support ticket:`

Thank you for your answer…