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Embed Code not working

I can successfully play my video file on the Wowza Player builder site, but when I copy and paste the embed code, it doesn’t work. Any insight?

Hello @Aliza Katz,

Can you provide any specific details about how using the embed code does not work for you?

For example, is the page not loading, player not showing up, black window with error in the player etc.

If possible, please provide a link to the page where the code is embedded so we are able to further look into the issue.



I see this issue was never closed. I am dealing with the same issue. Can’t seem to get it to work. The player shows up in my dev tools, and I can manually change the size and change its background so I can visually verify that it is there. The page I have is not live at the moment. I have tried using the embed code from the player builder as well as the code from the specific stream’s page.

me too the same problem

the problem;em is exactly as stated the embed codes do not work its a white screen