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Embed live.swf

Hi, I am using live.swf file from wowza examples in web page. I want to set serverName and movieName parameters in html page. I tried different ways but still cannot set this parameters in html correctly. Please, help.

Thanks in advance.

If you use the clientFlex version you can use querystring parameters “zserverName” & “zmovieName”

But check out JW player or Flowplayer, which are more production ready player systems


It is in [wowza-install-dir]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming/clientFlex

But those zmovieName and zserverName are not in the current versions, I will scratch that out of previous post.

If you need a production ready Flash player that, take a look at JW Player or Flowplayer:


I am testing something out and was trying to integrate live.swf and came across this post. Where can I find this livevideostreaming.swf

Thanks for the suggestions