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Error - 'Content Folder Not Found" - When creating an application in WSE

We are upgrading from wowza media server 3.6.2 to wowza streaming engine 4.3. We have a symbolic link to our SAN (folder) in all our application.xml’s that work fine in WMS but it is not recognized in WSE. Any solution or comment on this?

The link show as folder data2 in c:\ drive. Windows has no problems opening the folder and listing the contents.


It may be that Wowza Streaming Engine does not have access to that share due to permissions. You can test this by running Wowza in stand-alone mode. Ensure that the Wowza services are stopped first. If you find you can then access the share then this would indicate that when running as a service Wowza does not have the required permissions. On current Windows releases you can specify that the Wowza Streaming Engine and the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager services are run as a local administrator

1. Open the Services manager window.
2. Right-click the Wowza Streaming Engine x.x.x service name, and select Properties.
3. In the Properties dialog box, select the Log On tab.
4. In the Log On tab, enter the username and password for the local administrator account in the This account field. You can also use the syntax .\<accountName>.
5. Repeat these steps for the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager x.x.x service name.

On earlier versions of Windows, you may need to configure a task schedule to start the services. We have this example which is relating to the Wowza Transcoder, but can also help with file access permissions.