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​Error : the server hostname and address not found .

Error : the server hostname and address not found .

  1. goCoderBroadcastConfig.setHostAddress(“rtsp://”);
  2. goCoderBroadcastConfig.setPortNumber(1935);


It looks like you are trying to stream to a Wowza Streaming Cloud Live Stream instance. When populating the hostAddress, you should only use the portion. The app-4a04 portion is your applicationName. You don’t need to include the protocol in the address since the SDK supports the wowz protocol only.

Make sure you are also specifying Other RTMP as your Video Source Encoder in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Refer to our FAQ for more information.


Thanks for help me

I want only audio streaming in android and audio broadcast , tell me how to implement it .

You should be able to send an audio-only stream in your SDK app by disabling or removing the CameraView.