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Execute method on chunk download (Server Side)

Is there a way to execute a method when a streaming client retrieves a chunk. We’d like to be able to execute a method when a specific client requests a chunk so we can calculate the time required to request and download chunks for various bitrates in the manifest.

For example, assume the client is currently downloading chunks from a 100Kbps representation of a stream where each chunk contained ten seconds of content and it takes an average of 4 seconds to download, one could extrapolate the throughput available to the client.

We are aware that their are various methods to determine current download bitrate from the client side, however we’re wanting to do so from the server side.


This is something that you should be able to derive via a call to your custom module using an HTTP Provider. When the client request is received you can configure the provider to perform a certain action if it matches a specific RequestFilter in the client URL. You would need to then develop a module that gets triggered, but that is quite an involved piece of work. I’d suggest studying our API for the relevant calls. I’d also suggest checking out our server-side code samples and our Module Collection which contains a large number of example modules including source code.