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Explanation of each log field?

Hello all!

I have searched far and wide and could not find a Wowza FAQ page or a forum topic that lists all the fields that are part of the Wowza activity log and an explanation of each of them.

It almost feels like this information is not available since the Sawmill log analyzer is available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You are correct that for the most part, wowza is integrated with sawmill for convenience in organizing your logs. If you want to understand the various items included in your Sawmill log report, you’ll need to read through the “Logging” section of the “Server Administration” chapter in the Wowza Streaming Engine User’s Guide.

We do have this doc toe explain some of the errors you may come across and what they mean:

We do have a tutorial, on how to understand the log messages in Sawmill and you’ll need your log files from Wowza Streaming Engine. Here’s the blog though to assist you.