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Extract/Move file to custom directory using Wowza REST API


In my application (which is C# based) I’m extracting short clips (10 to 15 seconds long) from a LIVE stream. Which I was able to do by using an example available here. Now I’m trying to move the extracted file from the Wowza directory to my custom directory (directory structure is based upon Date/TimeOfDay/ApplicationName/CameraName).

Is there a way to move clips to custom directory (once they have been extracted) by using Wowza REST API ?


Is there a way I can tell Wowza to extract individual clips to specific folders ? (since I want the clips to be saved in directory based upon above requirements)

I tried to look into dvrConverterDefaultFileDestination param available for PUT /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/instances/{instanceName}/dvrstores/actions/{action} call but was unable to get it going.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

J H Mcclure